A team with several different specialities works for Bernard De Clerck Architects. Bernard himself is always the first point of call. He listens well and has great empathy, understanding very quickly what his clients want. His very first design is often an immediate hit. On the one side, he always wishes to build the house his client desires. On the other, each house he builds has his unique and recognizable style stamped on it.

His architecture always envisages a unity, a symbiosis of elements. He pays attention to the whole, the house itself, surrounding nature, history, traditional materials and the specific characteristics of the region. He firmly anchors the houses he designs or renovates into the landscape, often drawing the general lines of the garden too and determines the interior atmosphere which he often colours in himself and for which he also designs the furniture.

The architecture bureau contains a passionate team that supports clients in all aspects of the building project, from advice and design to delivery of the end product. There is enormous knowhow in this agency in terms of technique, materials and detailing of style elements. Thanks to the interaction between the various architects in the agency, each project has a strong and special foundation.